Monday, January 26, 2009

spot the difference

Last night as I was falling asleep, like most people I assume, I made a little list of the things I was going to do this morning. It ran a little like this.

1. Wake about 6am. Feed and medicate the cats
2. Ride my bike uphill (either towards Flinders University or Springbank depending on mood), to burn off some of the cheese I've eaten this weekend.
3. Return home and head down to bunnings. I put up some bamboo blinds my mum lent me to shade the pergola of afternoon sun while some plants grow. Found out last night that the sensor light loooooovees them.
4. Return home, sweep and mop hard floors, vacuum rugs in preparation for guests this afternoon.
5. Put meat onto marinade and prepare topping for pavlova
6. Make myself clean and greet guests with warm enthusiasm.

........ ok, in reality it went a little like this.
1. Wake about 6am. Feed and medicate cats.
2. Return immediately to bed and fall asleep again until a little after 9.30
3. Take bamboo blinds down. They can wait until next weekend.
4. Marinade meat
5. Mop the floors and close the doors to rooms that have a rugs
6. Currently making strawberry sauce for the pavlova. Still in my tracksuit pants and t-shirt with amusing slogan.

Guests due in about 1.5 minutes. Haven't swept outside yet either, which probably needs doings.

Hell, these people went to university with me. They've seen me look far shabbier around 5am on a Thursday morning. Ahhhh.... how times have changed. The hour I now rise is the hour I used to arrive home.

Car pulling in the drive way. Gotta go


Anonymous said...

Closed doors are one of the most effective cleaning tools out there. Hands down. Stairs are good too.

Joy the Baker said...

i don't know why, but this post brought such a smile to my face. i also have the list of things i'm going to do, and then there's the reality of the way things actually get done. ha! you just have to laugh at yourself, right?

Kitty said...

HIF - unfortunatly mine is a single story, but doors are better than mr sheen. espeically with three cats.

Joy - glad i made you smile. most of my days run along this path, but this particular one represented a marked deviation. i laugh at myself regularly (to avoid the crying) good times!