Thursday, January 1, 2009

the problem with australian cricket

Recently I have written several posts about many things:

The total, utter, whitewashing of the Australian team by South Africa in the boxing day test
NYE avoidance techniques
Why Ricky Ponting is a tool (see a trend developing here?)

These posts were witty and erudite.

But &%$#*)&%$ google refused to post them, so I guess you'll never know just how good they were.

Happy New Year to you all. I've spent the day at Semaphore, lazing in the sun and eating schnitzel. Hope yours has been as good.



A Free Man said...

How about the failure yesterday, after a gritty performance by the tail enders, of the Aussie bowlers to make any real challenges to the SA batsmen?

We spent New Year's Day lounging around Semaphore as well!

Kitty said...

tee hee. That's hilarious. You weren't at Federation Hotel were you? Or were you ridin' the kiddies train?

Agnes said...

Woo! Ricky IS a tool, you are so right! You can safely say that about most of the Aussie cricket team actually.