Monday, January 5, 2009

calm and in control

Today was my first day back at work after Christmas, and I must say I went back feeling very wonderful - so no left wing political rants or sledging of national sporting teams today.

No, no. It's all faeries and bluebirds and fluffy clouds today.

I am also gearing up for what will be the first year of what will be (I hope) my final degree. Yes-siree. I am now a fully fledged, dinki-di Masters student, with a big fat thesis staring me out into the distance. That will make it six parchments to hang on the wall, which is a plenty me thinks.

But I have lots of fun things planned, Children's trails around Adelaide. Integrated Wine Tourism marketing for South Australia. Cycle tourism in the Flinders Rangers.

mmmmm....... all seriously delicious.

But my great mate Fifi and her clan are off to Mexico in a couple of months, on short notice, and it's got me feet-a-itching. So I have to do two things. Find a house sitter who is happy to give my cat his insulin injections, and pick where I'm going. Oh, and book the leave. That's three things.

mmmmmm....... seriously delicious!


Suzer said...

Best of luck! I did my MA dissertation on tourism in Belfast...loads of work that I am now so glad is over.

A Free Man said...

My first day back was tiring and slightly stressful. Fortunately I had yesterday off - a gorgeous day that I spent at the beach!

Here's a question. I wrote a post yesterday comparing Oz and the U.S. and riled my Aussie readers by saying that there wasn't much of a difference. What do you think are the differences between the Australian and American 'psyche'?

Kitty said...

tee hee. comments from two americans on the one post. Dublin sounds like a great place to write a dissertation. Did you need to do a viva? I may get to spend some time in the UK on mine, but I don't want to jinx it too much.

a free man indeed. how did you get a day off so soon. off to check out your post, and will let you know what i think.