Sunday, March 23, 2008

bright light for easter

i know i need to tell you all about what i've been cooking and eating, but firstly i need to talk about the northern lights. not aurora borealis - the adelaide northern lights.

our festival of arts has just wound up - south australia is known as the festival state! one of the free events that was on this year was held along north terrace, one of the earliest streets in adelaide where some of the oldest buildings stand: parliament, government house, the state library, art gallery, adelaide university etc.

this year some wunderkind has taken photos of the buildings and used them to form colourful projections that change every ten minutes or so. below are some of my very blurry happy snaps, but there are much better ones to be found on flickr, just like this site.

south australian state library

mortlock library (newspaper reading room) with print design

mortlock library - en rose

anyway, last time we spoke i had just had lunch with killer cake. as there had also been a bottle of bubbles with lunch, so i lay on the couch and proceeded to fall straight asleep

i love long weekends.

but it left me in a bit of a rush to get to M's for dinner. her house has a bit of a hill that i have to ride up so there may have been some procrastination as well. M has a new slow cooker (house warming present from moi and others) which she's been playing around with. last night it was roast pork, with spuds and pumpkin in the oven. when i got there she asked if i thought the juices would make good stock.
'what about gravy' i said.
'could you be bothered'? was the reply

could i be bothered???? why would you do a roast if there's no gravy!!

so i did the gravy and it was scrumdidleyumptious. there were also chocolate eggs in front of a movie.

this morning i cooked up some less than fresh mushrooms with some garlic, parmesan and ricotta (in place of cream) to go on some of the left over baguette from yesterday

i sat outside, ate it with a cup of tea and read my book for hours. it was totally blissful.

then i did boring stuff like putting an second coat of paint on the toilet, and do some laps at the local pool.

then i road into meet JC at dumpling king. ooooooo... dumpling king. pork dumplings, prawn and chicken dumplings, and chinese broccoli with garlic sauce.

so very, very good. with their fantastic chili sauce

then we went off to see the lights.

but the time i'd ridden home (mingled with the MSG) i was dying of thirst. instead of being sensible and having a glass of water, i went with the cooper family's finest.

now i'm thinking a little schmakeral. maybe a soupcon of icecream before i retire???

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