Thursday, March 20, 2008

laugh, i almost fell off my stool

Mil Millington's site is not one i read terribly regularly, but when i do i laugh in that insane way that usual grips me in public places, like the jubilee line to paddington at 8.15am when you're standing up reading while hanging onto the hand rail and you lose your grip (physically and emotionally) as the train pulls into the station, and the people around you look at you like you may be mad, before you get off the train and walk into an NHS hospital. not that this has ever happened to me of course (thanks very much Geoffrey Williams).

anyway, you really should read the bit about the thing that nearly made him stop the site, scroll down, it's in really large red writing. i'm giggling insanely just thinking about it.....

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Anonymous said...

Who is this guy Mil? He's hilarious . . . I already love Margret!