Saturday, March 22, 2008

saturday morning food shopping

just back from the central markets, and these are the spoils of the hunt. i was pleased to note that lots of the stalls were shut, which meant people were off having a public holiday! however i had to scratch around a bit for what i got. here is:
1 large baguette from dough. dough have good bread but they always look at you as if they're sizing up whether you're 'good' enough to buy it from them.
4 royal gala apples
1 hand of bananas
1 red pepper
1 bag of mixed salad leaves. i always buy too many of these and they rot before they get eaten
2 small bags of red chillies, these are for my mum
3 pieces of lamb fillet. one is for lunch today (it's marinating in garlic rosemary and lemon as we speak) and the other two are in the freezer.

i also got a pot of mint and two lemons, but i forgot to put these in the picture.

when i got home i cut two pieces off the bread. one i had just with butter and vegemite. the other one i stuffed with a fried rasher of bacon, salad leaves, red pepper slices and mayonnaise (hellmans, of course)

naturally this small act as turned my kitchen into a battle site, so i'm off now to bake one of my weird, experimental cakes, and to tidy up before lady fi arrives.

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