Thursday, March 27, 2008

Many individuals have, like uncut diamonds, shining qualities beneath a rough exterior - Juvenal

ah, juvenal. knew i'd be able to get some latin literature onto BHG eventually!!!

but i do have new jewellery.

today when i was in the gallery the manager was asked where she got her beads. one of the students at the school had made them. now, i 'm a sucker for beads and when the student walked into the gallery with a big plastic bag full of them i was forced to purchase! i go these and a slightly more sedate string too.

when i got home these were in the mail box. i've ordered a lot of stuff on line recently, and this is all that's turned up. i'm hoping that a large number of t-shirts will present themselves shortly.

so i will wear one of these for opening night tomorrow i feel. maybe the one on the end with the flower. once this show is open tomorrow i only have one really big one left for the year and i get my life back.

anyone who tells you that working in events is glamorous is lying to you!

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