Saturday, March 8, 2008

oh my sweet freaking lord

i know things have been a little sleepy on BHG recently. this is partly because of work, but also because of play. i've been out quite a bit recently doing things at the Adelaide Fringe. I have also been buying a ridiculous number of tshirts online.

it's an addiction, i need help!

speaking of which, it's currently 5.30 in the pm in my sleepy little home town. and no wonder it's sleepy, because it's still nearly 40 degrees outside. what else can you do but sleep?

for those from a slightly more northern orientation, this is nearly 105 degrees fahrenheit. and we've days of it to come yet. i get the impression that there are some northerners (it's grim oop north you know) read this, because i have that lovely little map on my site that lets me know where the clicks are coming from.

so, i'm dying to know: this site hasn't been around long - are you reading this, or do you click on some google result looking for something else and then navigate away quickly, thinking Oh my God, this woman is mad? either way, leave me a comment and let me know. i'm a gemini, i'm terribly curious you know.....

but of course what am i doing in the heat? i'm baking. this month's CCH challenge is marshmallow. this has flummoxed me a little and tonight i'm experimenting, so expect some results tomorrow.

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Joy the Baker said...

I'm a gemini too! And I'm the most curious (and nosey) person I know... Can't wait to see your CCh entry!