Friday, March 21, 2008

good friday breakfast

you may be looking at the time of this post and thinking that i just didn't get around to uploading my photos for a while. no, i pretty much got up at 11.15 and made breakfast. i haven't slept this long since i was a student.

this is what breakfast looked like before i cooked it.

this is what it looked like before i ate it

i know you can all work this is out, but this is it:
1. two rashers of organic bacon
2. two free range eggs
3. one gorgeous paolo's organic multi grain roll
4. salt, pepper, HP sauce

i certainly won't insult your intelligence by telling the esteemed readers of this site how you cook all of this.

i know you're not supposed to have red meat on good friday but: a) i'm not a christian b) i'm allergic to fish


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Kitty!!!!
Hope you and the boys have a lovely time and that the easter bunny spoils you rotten!

Kitty said...

you too young jess, hope the bilby left you lots this morning. i'm so fooded out at the moment, i'm not sure where i'm going to put dinner!