Thursday, March 20, 2008

a revelation or two

this evening i realised two things. but before i realised them i realised another. i realised that it's thursday late night shopping before easter and i will make my easter long weekend much more enjoyable if i did the supermarket shopping now.

then i realised the two things that are the things i realised. i realised:
1. it's easter and i am allowed... nay i am obliged.... to eat what ever the hell (sorry Jesus) what ever the heck i want to
2. i'd need to put a cardie on before i went out.

these are two very important realisations, i feel.

firstly, it meant it's not a billion bloody degrees anymore.

secondly it meant i can eat anything and know it's all in the name of religion.


then i thought i might just document every thing i eat this weekend. kate on obsessive consumption (i site i just looooove) documented everything she buys, down to photos of the receipts. so this weekend i will photograph and document everything i eat. and maybe the stuff i buy too, we'll see how we go. kate's zine is called 'what did you buy today', maybe i can start another blog called 'what did you eat today'. kate's site, when she was back at uni made me think about how much useless stuff i buy, so maybe this would make me look at what/how much i eat.

anyway, i digress. this is what i bought at the supermarket today:

it came to a grand total of $44.52 (including $2.73 GST..hissssssss). i've got yoghurt and butter and milk, HP sauce (stay tuned for tomorrow's breakfast!), little chocolate eggs so i have something to offer easter guests should i have any. i got myself sour worms, from the natural confectionery company so they're almost health food. and i got two tubs of ice cream, which made up my dinner tonight. i know ice-cream for dinner. shocking isn't it. i must say, the pure chill organic vanilla raspberry ice-cream in the chichi tub at the back was $7.49, while the good ol' Golden North (a south australian company i'll have you know, just like giganis brothers who made the yoghurt) down the front was $6.37. the golden north was delicious, choc full of roast almond pieces and toffee. the organic stuff was boring as bat doo doo.

obviously, the cat food is not for me!! it's for my beautiful boys.

by the way, don't you just love my funky elephant tablecloth. i got it, and a million other funky tablecloths in the markets in jaipur. jaipur is where i had the best egg kofta i think i will ever eat in my life. mmmmm.... egg kofta


Anonymous said...

Anyone that has 'HP' as a staple on their shopping list is a start in my eyes! (Ps: this is Kaz, I have to go under 'anonymous' 'cos it won't accept my password anymore).

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I meant 'star' not 'start' (must be the 4 pm glass of wine).